In this project, I will show details of the animations I created to complement the stunning brand id that the Libra Design team created. This project is very special because it reinforces the grandeur and importance of the preserved Amazon for everyone.

​​​​​​​The illustrations' aesthetics are inspired by the technique of woodcut engraving, a handmade printing method that uses wood as a reproduction element. With vibrant colors that represent the natural richness of the elements, the illustrations convey the diversity of the Amazon in a unique and charming way.

Our project was recognized by Brazil Design Awards with the silver medal, an honor that reflects the team's hard work and dedication to conveying the message of a preserved Amazon. It's gratifying to see the importance of this cause being recognized and valued by the design world. We hope this achievement can inspire others to engage in nature conservation and the preservation of our forests.​​​​​​​